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Medicare Compliance Program

End your frustration with Medicare pre-audit denials and an overburdened staff busy obtaining required documentation from your patient's PCP and consider enrolling in Dia-Foot's Medicare Compliance Program. Two of the biggest challenges facing suppliers today when dispensing diabetic shoes is the difficulty in obtaining correct documentation back from the PCP and failing Medicare pre-audits. Dia-Foot's Medicare Compliance Program will free up your staff to focus more on patient care. Our Medicare Compliance program provides the following services:


1. We will review your clinical foot exam to ensure it will pass a pre-audit prior to submitting it to the PCP for agreement. If your notes are not compliant, we will contact your office and ask for an addendum to the exam note.

2. We will fax your note to your patient’s PCP for their agreement, signature and date and review it for accuracy.

3. We will obtain a Statement of Certifying Physician from your patient’s PCP which will be signed and dated and reviewed for accuracy.

4. We will obtain the last medical note from your patient’s PCP for their Diabetes management and review the record for compliance to ensure the record will pass a pre-audit.

5. Once your documents are complete, we will insert them in a sealed envelope, indicate your “dispense by” date for your convenience and ship it with your shoe order.

6. Your office will dispense the shoes, have your patient fill out a Proof of Delivery form and complete your own office proof of delivery documentation and in-office dispensing note.

Throughout this process Dia-Foot will supply sample clinical notes and in office dispensing notes, proof of delivery documentation, and other educational aids to assist your office throughout this process. Although we ensure that your medical records are compliant with the LCD we cannot guarantee 100% that you will pass a pre-audit.


What we need from you:

1. Your clinical foot exam note of your patient.

2. Our completed PCP information form.

3. Your shoe order. If ordering custom inserts, all documents can be included in your foam box.

The average time to receive your shoe order and completed medical records is 4-6 weeks.

You can view status of your orders on a Google live log set up for your office.

This added feature is just $14.99 per shoe order and can be added when you order your patient's shoes.

To enroll or if you have additional questions about this program, please call Veronica at

(877)405-3668 ext. 113. Enrollment verification is required prior to beginning your Medicare Compliance Program orders.