Our Lab


Our Dia-Foot lab manufactures top-quality custom diabetic inserts. All of our custom diabetic inserts are PDAC approved.  We provide:


  • custom diabetic inserts, over a positive model (A5513)
  • custom diabetic inserts, direct milled (A5514)
  • custom toe fillers (L5000)
  • Functional foot orthotics (L3020) 

We accept both scans via email and traditional foam boxes for custom diabetic inserts.  Our technology partner’s Structure Sensor scanner enables us to receive and capture precise 3D images of each patient’s unique foot dimensions.  Each patient’s custom diabetic inserts are carefully manufactured according to patient variables. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure patient satisfaction and results. Completed diabetic inserts are inspected for accuracy and accommodations and are shipped out directly from our Dia-Foot lab.


We are a ABC Board Certified lab and follow Medicare Supplier Standards and Guidelines.