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Face Mask Information

Dia-Foot carries 4 different face masks depending on the protection you need and want. 

3 Ply Ear Loop Masks-Provides protection for other people when worn. This is what you see the general population wearing. 

KN95 A&F Masks- General Protection masks-Provides protection for other people when worn and better protection for the person wearing them as they have higher filtration rates than a 3 ply mask. These masks have a maximum penetration rate of 98.88%

KN95 Powecom Masks- FDA Approved EAU for Health Care Workers. These are approved for health care workers under the Emergency Use Authorization. These have been tested by the CDC and has a maximum filtration rate of 99.4%.

3M Model 8511 N95-These are NIOSH approved masks with greater than 95% filtration rate. These do have an exhalation valve so the wearer can use these longer especially in an office setting. These are not approved by the FDA for surgical use.