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Dia-Foot Insurance Network

Dia-Foot Insurance Network

Join the Dia-Foot Insurance Network and have the ability to dispense Diabetic shoes and other lower extremity DME items to your managed care patients that you usually write prescriptions for. Dia-Foot currently has an established insurance network in Florida and many other states. 

Dia-Foot is currently contracted with Humana nationwide. We are most Medicare Advantage plans in Florida. We are on many other plans in other states as well. 

Dispensing on these plans is easy!. Patients can be either your own patients or new patients that we refer you from the insurance company.  You see the patient, measure for the shoes and inserts, have the patient pick their shoes and fax us the shoe order and insurance information. Once we get the authorization from the insurance company we then ship the shoe order to your office. You dispense the shoes, complete the proof of delivery form and an in office dispensing note. Your practice receives a dispensing fee for every DME item dispensed in your contracted location. Remember patients must meet Medicare guidelines to receive diabetic shoes.

To join our insurance network we have to email you our network contract to be signed with our fee schedule. Only a select amount of providers will be contracted with Dia-Foot.

For more information or to have a contract emailed to you please email us at [email protected] or call 877-405-3668.

 Join the Dia-Foot Insurance Network Today!