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Coronavirus Update 5/7

Dia-Foot is closely monitoring inventory levels of the products we carry due to delays of receiving product from overseas. We expect to see backorders in shoes as we get closer to Spring and Summer season. We encourage our customers to order a first and second choice shoe for their patients in case there is a manufacturer back order. If you are ordering online simply put first choice next to the patient name and second choice to the patient name. Our print order forms already have the first and second choice options. 

Dia-Foot sent this request to CMS on March 17 on behalf of the patients and suppliers of diabetic shoes. 

As you know the LCD 33369 states there is a time frame of 180 days from the time the beneficiary sees the PCP and receiving their diabetic shoes. The time frame the PCP signs the certifying statement and the beneficiary receiving the shoes is 90 days.


In many cases due to the Coronavirus pandemic elderly patients will have issues in receiving their shoes in this time frame which makes their signed paperwork invalid and they would have to start the entire process again. The time frame should be extended 90 days (or as many days as you see fit) until the Coronavirus pandemic passes so at least these diabetic patients still can receive their diabetic shoes without having to go over the entire process again. 


This short term act would benefit the diabetic beneficiary and the supplier. 

On 3/23 we wrote to the Medical Director of Region B and Humana. We asked if diabetic shoes can be mailed to patients who already have been measured for diabetic shoes and have received their authorization from their PCP under these extraordinary conditions. A Tele-Health visit would be conducted by the supplier to insure a proper fit followed by another Tele-Health visit 2 weeks later to make sure the shoes are not causing any irritations. Heat molded inserts would be heated when the patient can return to the supplier. Diabetic shoes plays an important role in decreasing diabetic ulcers and un-needed hospital visits. 

Humana, Simply and Blue Cross of Florida approved us to mail existing shoe orders and use a Tele-Health visit to ensure the shoes fit with a follow up visit a week later. Diabetic shoes play an important role in the at risk diabetic, We applaud these companies for making sure their members receive this important benefit. We will keep you posted as more insurance companies approve mailing the shoes to the patients home with a Tele Health visit. 

Propet will re-open their warehouse on April 7th. 

Update April 9th

Aetna and Coventry approved our plan to deliver existing diabetic shoe order to patient's homes and perform a tele health visit to ensure they fit with a follow up tele visit. 

We attended a joint MAC Region webinar yesterday and they were not able to offer any guidance on the diabetic shoe program except a Tele Health Visit by a PCP will not count toward the face to face visit needed by the patient and PCP. Medicare will accept an oral POD. There is an advanced payment plan for suppliers. CMS has suspended all pre-audits, post audits and TPE's until further notice. 

Update 4/20

Dia-Foot this morning sent plan to deliver diabetic shoes to patients home by mail and perform a telehealth visit to Congressman Ted Deutch and his staff. He is well connected to CMS and hopefully will assist in getting these patients who already have them authorized their much needed diabetic shoes. 

KN95 Face Masks are currently being held by China Customs as they are checking every box of face masks. Delays are days as we have an order currently delayed. 

5/7 Update. According to the district director for Congressman Ted Deutch, Congress is currently working on the Therapeutic Shoe Program. Guidance is near term in regards to the program and the Covid-19 virus.