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Medicare Patients

If you are on Medicare and diagnosed with Diabetes you may qualify for one pair of diabetic shoes and three pairs of diabetic inserts each calendar year. Wearing properly fitted shoes is one of the most important things an at-risk diabetic patient can do to protect their feet. Dia-Foot offers the most extensive selection of diabetic shoes in the diabetic shoe marketplace with over 380 styles available to choose from.

To qualify for diabetic shoes and inserts, you must have a recent exam with the physician (MD or DO) who is managing your diabetes. Your podiatrist can perform the required foot exam and dispense your shoes and inserts to you right in the office. Your podiatrist must document the need for diabetic shoes and have the exam agreed upon by the physician treating your diabetes. Your podiatrist must also obtain a Statement of Certifying Physician Form from that same physician.  

Once your podiatrist has the required documentation, he or she can order and then dispense your new pair of diabetic shoes and inserts. This process can take up to eight weeks and depends on how long it takes to get all of the required documentation back from the physician treating your diabetes. 

Your podiatrist may prescribe either pre-fabricated or custom inserts for your shoes, depending on your foot type and condition. Pre-fabricated inserts are heat molded to your feet right in the office. Custom inserts are carefully manufactured in our lab using a foam impression or digital scan of your feet.  

Medicare pays 80% of the allowable amount and the remaining 20% can be billed to your secondary insurance. 

If you are a Medicare patient in need of diabetic shoes and inserts and are looking for a podiatrist near you who dispenses diabetic shoes to qualified Medicare patients, please email [email protected] your name, address and phone number.